Individual/Pair Event Descriptions


Music & time limits for events:

BASIC STRUT 32 Count Square – USTA Basic/Military/Parade Music

MILITARY “L” STRUT 32 Count L-shaped pattern – USTA Basic/Military/Parade Music

*MILITARY BOX March in Box, all styles welcome – USTA Basic/Military/Parade Music

PARADE MARCH 40-count music with 32-count forward progression

march beginning on second count of 8 – USTA Basic/Military/Parade Music

PRESENTATION 32 Count open pattern - USTA Presentation Music

STRUT (USTA) 1 ½ min – *NEW USTA Strut Music*

*X-STRUT 2 min max –Twirl Mania “Time After Time” Music

*FANCY (LINE) STRUT 2 ½ min max – Twirl Mania “Time After Time” Music

ARTISTIC TWIRL 1:40USTA Artistic Twirl Music

SOLO (Nov, Beg, Int) 1 ½ min – USTA Beg/Int Solo Music

SOLO (Adv) Adv – 2 min – USTA Adv Solo Music

*2.5 MIN SOLO 2 ½ min max – WFNBTA music There are NO point penalties for timing

(under or over) for 2.5 min solo. Athletes may finish before the music ends and pose. Athletes are expected to finish when the music ends (judging will stop when the music ends.)

TWO BATON 1 ½ min – USTA Beg/Int Solo Music

THREE BATON 1 ½ min – USTA Beg/Int Solo Music

COLLEGIATE EVENT time limit 2-3 min – music of athlete’s choice (see next page for details)

FREESTYLE/*RHYTHMIC (critique only) 2:30 min max – 1 baton routine – music of athlete’s choice

*indicates a non-USTA event

USTA Competitive Achievement System (CAS) Events:

SHORT PROGRAM (critique only) Women's SP Music Men's SP Music

MOVEMENT TECHNIQUE (evaluation or critique only)

COMPULSORIES (evaluation or critique only)


DUET (Nov, Beg, Int) 1 ½ min – USTA Beg/Int Solo Music

DUET (Adv) 2 min – USTA Adv Solo Music

ARTISTIC TWIRL PAIR 1:40 – USTA Artistic Twirl Music

FREESTYLE PAIR 2 ½ min max – music of athlete’s choice


Age Groups Competes In These Events

0-8, 9-12, 13-17, 18+ USTA Solo, Strut & 2 Baton

Who is eligible for the All Around Champion contest?

Any athlete, regardless of residency or competition level, may enter the All Around competition. (This is a separate competition from the Athlete of the Year Qualifier.)

Determining the winner:

The overall winner in each group will be determined using place points: 1st Place = 1 points, 2nd Place = 2 points, 3rd Place = 3 points, etc. For example, an athlete placing 1st in Solo (1 points), 4th in Strut (4 points), and 2nd in Two Baton (2 points) would have a total of 1+4+2=7 points. The athlete with the fewest place points in each division will be the All Around Champion. A tie in place points will be broken by combining total scores in all events.


Awards will be presented to athletes finishing in the top 5. The overall winner of each group will receive an All Around Champion Sash and award.

Other important information:

The events for the All Around Champion competition are separate from all other individual events. So, an entry in the All Around competition enters an athlete in the events listed above, and ONLY athletes entered in the All Around competition will compete in each of those events. Athletes entered in the All Around competition may also choose to enter the same events in the Regional (if eligible) and/or Open competition.

*The contest director reserves the right to combine or separate age groups as warranted by the entries.


The collegiate twirling event is performed by any individual, enrolled and matriculating in a college or university (undergraduate or graduate). The athlete will use one or multiple batons (only standard batons can be used – no flags, knives, streamers, hoops, etc) to the university fight song and a powerful musical selection of the athlete's choice. The collegiate twirling event should reflect the type of material utilized on the field by displaying musicality, movement across the field/competition floor, and presentation to the audience with the addition of one or multiple batons.


The Collegiate Champion will be awarded a Collegiate Champion sash and award.