2022 Southeast region Championships & Open Competition

June 10-12, 2022

White House Heritage High School

7744 Hwy 76, White House, TN

Location update: The Regional Pre-Trials competition (on Friday, June 10) will also be at White House Heritage High School.

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*MUSIC UPDATE* The music used for X-Strut will be the new IBTF X-Strut music that will be used for the IBTF Qualifier in Stockton in July (to qualify for the 2023 IBTF World Championships & Nations Cup in Liverpool).

Entry brochure

Complete entry brochure (including contest info, rules, event descriptions, required athlete waiver, and entry forms)

Electronic entry forms:

Electronic Individual Entry (with waivers, entry checklist, & good luck form)

Electronic Team/Group Entry

Fillable Waiver - Athletes who are ONLY participating in team/group events should complete and sign the required USTA Waiver in this file and return via email to serbatoncouncil@gmail.com. (These waivers are already included on page 2 of the Individual Entry.)

Instructions for completing and submitting electronic entries (this is preferred over mailing!):

  1. Click on the appropriate entry form above & download and save the file to your computer before completing the entry form.

  2. Open the downloaded entry and complete using Adobe. Save file as athlete's name (for example, LastName_FirstName.pdf).

  3. Return via email to SERbatoncouncil@gmail.com.

  4. Submit payment via Venmo (@SERbatoncouncil) or Paypal (SERbatoncouncil@gmail.com). Detailed instructions for submitting payment are included in the entry file.

If you want to print & fill out your entry instead of using the electronic form, you can use an app (TinyScanner works great) to take photo scans on your phone to save the entry form and waivers as PDF file. Please do not send photos of your entries - clearly scanned PDF files are acceptable.


(All times are Central time.)

FRIDAY, JUNE 10 – USTA Regional Pre-trials (Doors open at 2:30 P.M. Contest begins at 4:00 P.M.)

Location: White House Heritage High School, 7744 Hwy 76

Pre-Trials Compulsories and Short Program

Pre-Trials Freestyle, Pairs and Teams

SATURDAY, JUNE 11 – Open individual events, All Around, Athlete of the Year qualifier, critiques, all group events

(Doors open at 8:00 A.M. Contest begins at 9:00 A.M.)

Location: White House Heritage High School, 7744 Hwy 76

Order of Events:

Open & Regional group competition; critiques for freestyle/rhythmic/collegiate/short program

*High School & *College Championships

Open Individual Competition & Athlete of the Year Qualifer

Order for individual events:

Foundation Events: Basic Strut, Parade March, Military “L” Strut, *Military Box, Presentation

2-Baton, AOTY 2-Baton, 2-Baton Critiques

USTA Strut, *X-Strut, *Fancy Strut, AOTY Strut, Strut Critiques

3-Baton, 3-Baton Critiques

Artistic Twirl, Artistic Twirl Pairs, Artistic Critiques

Solo, AOTY Solo, Solo Critiques, Duet

CAS evaluations/critiques will take place throughout the individual competition.

*These events are not sanctioned by USTA.

SUNDAY, JUNE 12 – Southeast Region Individual Events (Doors open at 8:00 A.M. Contest begins at 9:00 A.M.)

Location: White House Heritage High School, 7744 Hwy 76

Regional 2-Baton

Regional Strut

Regional 3-Baton

Regional Artistic Twirl & AT Pairs

Regional Solo & Duet

Due to Covid-19, the SER Baton Council reserves the right to make adjustments to the schedule as needed to meet safety requirements for the number of people in the facility. Any adjustments will be announced via email as soon as possible.

Descriptions and time limits for each event can be found at the links below.

Hotel Info


Hampton Inn White House

404 Hester Dr.

White House, TN 37188

(615) 672-3993

Holiday Inn White House

206 Knight Circle

White House, TN 37188

(615) 455-0666

Questions? Email us at SERbatoncouncil@gmail.com.